Surfer: Tom Curren
Location: Santa Barbara
Year: 1981
Tommy contemplates his latest shape in the alley behind the old Channel Islands factory on Anacapa Street. It seems that every surfboard factory has an outside wall favored for taking photos of surfboards.
 This particular board, with its airbrush by Bernie Tsao, is reportedly still being surfed by an Australian collector, some 40+ years later.

Each of our Classic Prints are a Giclee Fine Art Print, on 100% Archival, 360gsm Cotton Rag paper (1OO+ year archival) with Archival inks.

Offered unframed and signature upon request.

All images are shot with original Kodachrome64 35mm slide film or Kodak B&W film.

Grain is to be expected and desired. Larger size prints may appear to be less sharp when viewed up close.

Colors viewed on screen will vary from device to device. Please be aware that the color on screen may be slightly different than the actual color of the print.

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